Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Poultry Production "Severnaya" and subdivisions of the head company CPF in Russia regularly help different organizations and people who have some problems. More than 22 million rubles were donated during the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected many aspects of life. 

The funds were used to support medical organizations, crisis centers, large families, veterans and people have lost their jobs.

The management of the Poultry Production "Severnaya" has taken some measures aimed at the supporting people in a difficult period. From 13 to 24 of March, Poultry Production "Severnaya" fixed the price of chicken meat by 3 rubles below the market price. In total, 4,341 thousand kg of meat was supplied at a reduced price. The donation amounted to 13 million rubles.

The problem was very acute for expats who lost their jobs. In April, food kits containing chicken and eggs were delivered to Thai people. 2,200 Thais were supported in total.

In early May, on the eve of Victory Day, gifts and food sets for veterans were prepared for a total of 1 million rubles. Also in May, employees of the Severnaya Poultry Production visited the charity organization "Path to Freedom" and donated 60 kilograms of chicken meat and 100 eggs.

The CP Overseas division in Moscow provided hospitals in Serebryanye Prudy and Lukhovitsy with personal protective equipment. In addition, food kits with pork were delivered for veterans and large families.

Medical organizations were also supported by the Kaliningrad division of the company - RBPI Group donated 6.5 million rubles to Kaliningrad hospitals for the purchase of medical and personal protective equipment.