JSC “Poultry Production “Severnaya" - the world-class producer

JSC "Poultry Production "Severnaya" is a leading enterprise in the North-Western region of Russia producing broiler chicken meat at the capacity of 250 thousand tons per year in live weight. In 2015, the factory became a part of the Thai international agro-industrial conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF), a world leader in livestock and aquaculture. 

Modern production sites, vertically integrated structure, compliance with Russian and international standards allow JSC "Poultry Production "Severnaya" to produce completely safe and consistently high-quality products.

  • Оne of the top 10
    producers of broiler chicken meat in Russia
  • The leader in the production
    of hatching eggs in the Northwestern Federal District
  • years
    of experience in broiler chicken meat production
  • poultry houses
    with a capacity of more than 16,000,000 heads
  • cities of the direct deliveries
    from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok + export
  • employees
    at 4 production sites of Leningrad region
About the logo

The unique and now familiar to millions of consumers logo, "Cockerel, spinning the planet", came to the factory from the Netherlands from the first major investors, the family business "Agro-Invest Brinky B.V.", in 1997.

The slogan "The Best chickens of Russia" became the binding idea of the entire poultry farm, and the logo symbolized the desire of the new owners to build a broiler meat production in Russia that works according to "Western" poultry standards.

«The Best chickens of Russia»

The joining of JSC "Poultry Production "Severnaya" to the Thai agro-industrial agriculture conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Foods in 2015 gave the logo a new meaning, as it opened access to the CPF's extensive international knowledge base in the field of technology and innovation.