History of “Severnaya”

Poultry Production “Severnaya” has more than 30 years of the rich history. The company has gone a difficult way from a local factory in the Kirovsk region to a federal-scale poultry complex that combines several production sites in the Leningrad region.

The regular modernization, the providing production units with the modern equipment and applying the best practices from Europe and Asia allows the modern “Poultry Production “Severnaya” to be a reliable partner for its consumers.

Foundation of the Poultry Production “Severnaya”

“Severnaya” was founded in 1986. The enterprise was the most technically equipped for that time and included a full production cycle: poultry breeding area, parent livestock area, hatchery, warehouse, grain siloes and slaughterhouse. The estimated production capacity was about 10 thousand tons per year.

New Beginning

In December 1996, Poultry Production “Severnaya" was purchased by a Dutch family company "Agro-Invest Brinky B.V.", managed by Geisbertus van den Brink. Willeke van den Brink, his daughter, became the General Director of the Company.

"Poultry Parent Stock Production Woyskovitsy"

"Agro - Invest Brinky B.V." acquired a “Poultry Parent Stock Production Woyskovitsy" in the Gatchinsky district of the Leningrad region. The parent stock was completely transferred there. Thus, "Woyskovitsy" was reprofile for the production of hatching eggs.

Poultry Production "Lomonosovskaya"

"Agro - Invest Brinky B.V." acquired additional sites for growing poultry in the Lomonosovsky district of the Leningrad region.

Aiming for the top

Start of the large-scale investments and active increase of the production capacities.

From 2005 to 2017, the production of broiler chicken meat in JSC "Poultry Production "Severnaya" was increased 2.7 times due to the commissioning of the new poultry farms, complete reconstruction of the additional production area "Mginskoe", technical upgrade of the processing area, hatchery and feed mill.

80 000
219 000
Charoen Pokphand Foods

Thai agro-industrial conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) completed the acquisition of the Poultry Production "Severnaya" and "Poultry Parent Stock Production Woyskovitsy". The acquisition process began in 2015 and went through two stages.

Since 2018, employees from the various production and office departments got an opportunity to visit the leading CPF factories in Thailand and Europe to exchange experiences and learn new technologies.

New directions

The company was certified for export of broiler chicken meat to PRC and Vietnam.

A complete reconstruction of the shop of ready-to-cook products was carried out on the basis of the Lomonosovskaya poultry farm. New brand "Lomonosovskie products" was launched on the market. "Lomonosovskie products" - hand-made RTC products from chicken meat with 100% natural ingredients for proper nutrition.

The renewal of the brand

The Poultry Production "Severnaya" adopted the new parent company CPF values focused on innovation, adapting to changes and supported internal changes by external renewal of the corporate and consumer brands of the JSC "Poultry Production "Severnaya". "Severnaya" manufactory has launched a program to expand the processing area and modernize production equipment. In 2020, the modernization of the granulation line at its own feed mill was completed and 6 new siloes for storing raw materials were put into operation.