Sales geography

JSC "Poultry Production "Severnaya" is a major supplier of chilled and frozen meat of broiler chickens. The distribution network covers not only the whole of Russia, but also international markets - the countries of Eurasian Economic Union, the People's Republic of China and Vietnam.

Taking care of future

"Three benefits to sustainability" is the one of the key CPF parent company’s values. In this concept sustainable development and business efficiency are inextricably linked to the benefits for the country where it’s operates and the people - everyone who comes into contact with CPF and its divisions.

Every year, Poultry Production “Severnaya" organizes charity projects, contributing to the development of the native region both in the social sphere and in terms of the environmental tasks.

Spring clean-up
Garden of Memory
Support for veterans


Rational use of natural resources by Poultry Production "Severnaya", management of waste sorting and recycling projects, and adherence to the general environmental goal of "ZERO WASTE" production, fully meet the CPF mission - to conduct a "respectable" and responsible business.

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Separate and recycle
  • Eco-friendly lighting