Poultry production “Severnaya” has opened its doors to schoolchildren of the city of Kirovsk

After easing the restrictions of the sanitary and epidemiological situation, the Poultry production “Severnaya” was the first enterprise ready to receive excursionists.

In the Kirovsky district L.O. for several years now, schoolchildren have been regularly visiting enterprises to get acquainted with the professions in demand in modern industrial production, they can also see real jobs and get acquainted with working conditions. This practice was temporarily suspended for the duration of the pandemic.


After easing the restrictions of the sanitary and epidemiological situation, the Poultry production “Severnaya” was the first enterprise ready to receive excursionists. The issue of ecology was chosen as the main topic of the meeting, the Education Committee of the Administration of the Kirovsky District of the Leningrad Region, in turn, invited participants in various environmental projects, as well as those who are not indifferent to environmental problems, students of the Kirovskaya secondary school №1, Kirovskaya secondary school №2 named after S.A. Vitchenko and Kirov gymnasium named after S. Baimagombetova. 


Executive Director Valery Krivonosov greeted schoolchildren on behalf of the new management of Poultry production “Severnaya”. Further, the excursionists was conducted by the head of the environmental protection department Natalya Ugryumova, she told the excursionist about the work on the protection of water resources at the enterprise, atmospheric air, land and forest resources of the Kirovsky district of the Leningrad Region, as well as the organization of the accumulation, placement and recycling of waste.


The schoolchildren were able to personally visit the office of the enterprise, a car park, a feed mill, a treatment plant, an incubator and even held chickens in their hands. The meeting discussed the issue of temporary employment of minors aged 14 to 18 years at the Poultry production “Severnaya” within the state program of the Leningrad region "Promotion of employment of the population of the Leningrad region". In addition, the factory supports young professionals and provides them with the opportunity to undergo additional training in Thailand. 


At the end of the meeting, the team of the poultry production answered all the questions of the guests.